Kerinox Tiles from Casalgrande Padana — a Great Choice for Your Commercial Space

When it comes to the aesthetics of the floor for a commercial space, durability is always a concern. Be it residential space or commercial space, flooring is an investment  that should be chosen wisely due to concerns such as high traffic and continuous exposure to moisture that can increase the chances of wear and tear. The new Kerinox collection from  Casalgrande Padana tile NY could be the right choice for your commercial space in terms of durability and aesthetics. This porcelain stoneware collection features soft brushstrokes and a bright metal effect reflection.  The undefinable texture of metal oxides and the chrome reflection of steel enhance the beauty of the room. The imperfections on the tile turn into decorative patterns when different reflections of light fall on them, creating a new and sophisticated look.

The Kerinox collection offers four attractive color options — Antracite, Bianco, Grigio and Sabbia in two formats (60X60cm and 90X90cm). While Antracite and Grigio are darker shades that give a dynamic and glittering look to your floors, Bianco and Sabbia are lighter shades that bring brightness with their shiny reflections. Distinguished by its bright color finish, it can not only be used for the floors, but for the walls too. These tiles, with excellent technical characteristics, are suitable for a modern lifestyle and are ideal for any commercial setting.

How Is Kerinox Different from Other Tiles?

The metal effect finish of Kerinox tiles gives a sophisticated look to your commercial space, such as the reception area or lobby in hotels or restaurants.  

  • These tiles can be laid down using glue, the traditional approach. It also comes with modern dry interlocking installation. Kerinox tiles can be easily installed and maintained.
  • They are non-allergenic, fire-resistant, long-lasting, unalterable, non-absorbent and have good bending capability which makes them the best option for commercial use. These tiles are unaffected by any changes in temperature and have excellent mechanical resistance.
  • They also have the ability to eliminate stains of bacteria, unpleasant odors, molds and yeast, and so are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Natural surface Kerinox tiles can be used in interior spaces, and those featuring anti-slip surface are great for the outdoors. 

The distinctive feature of the Kerinox collection, which is available in four colors and three complementary surface finishes, is the beautiful spatula and metal effect. Kerinox metal-effect tiles combine modern and sophisticated aesthetics, tactile sensations, and first-class technical features. These unique characteristics make them the best choice for residential buildings as well as commercial architecture and public spaces that have high-traffic settings, such as hotels and restaurants. Casalgrande Padana’s Kerinox tiles are made of natural raw materials and have no plastic or glaze or  any other harmful substance, thus making it possible to recycle and recover all components and eliminate the dispersion of harmful emissions. This makes Kerinox tiles environment-friendly as well. For a modern and classy commercial space, choose Kerinox tiles from Casalgrande Padana tile NY. Make sure that you buy these tiles from a reputable dealer with many years’ experience to benefit from the best, durable flooring material. 

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